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3 steps to personalised recommendations
3 steps to personalised recommendations

Personalised outfitting

1. Select a Sample or Create Your Own





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2. Review Your Style Preferences

Here you can see your style profile at a glance.

3. Evaluate Your Personalised Outfits

Here are three outfits that align with your chosen style profile.


4. Explore Use Cases

Here are four use cases for Personalised Outfitting.

Email Personalised Outfit
Email personalised outfit

With targeted emails, you can offer your clients personalised outfits to make their shopping experience more enjoyable.

Website Personalised Outfit recommendation
Web personalised outfit recommendation

With outfit builders on product pages and upselling options at checkout, your shopping experience can be enhanced.

Stylist Support
Stylist support

Empower your stylists with AI-supported edits and recommendations, scaling personalised styling experiences.

Assisted Merchandising
Assisted merchandising

Scale curated product displays with AI-supported merchandising based on human inputs.


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